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Shaft Flex Testing
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When you enter the shop of a class A certified clubmaker you can know that they're as passionate about your game as you are and your success on the golf course. Each individual shaft is carefully profiled for weight, flex and spine which will affect consistent launch angle, feel, and shot dispersion (straightness) as well as proper yardage gaps from club to club. The technology in after market graphite shafts is much higher than off the rack equipment, which covers at least your driver, fairways, and hybrids. Higher end steel shafts are the same except when the major manufacturer's mass produce the club they just slap them in, logo down, and the flexes and bend profile can vary substantially due to where the steel was seamed. I've seen graphite shafts that can vary 3 flex ratings (senior to x-stiff) when rotated 90 degrees and steel that can vary 1 full flex rating.

Each head is weighed down to the 1/10 of a gram with the proper adjustments made to achieve perfect swingweights, total weights, and lengths to the desired fitted specification. Loft and lie checks are individually performed to each club and fitted to your swing plane after the club is assembled and can be changed to fit your swing if it does change over time.

The cost would skyrocket on golf equipment if they actually measured and built in any of the attributes that make you hit the ball straight and consistent.